Mammoth Exhibition

Until February 23rd there is an exhibition at Fukuoka City Science museum about Wooly Mammoths and Kindai Universities Mammoth Revival Project.

It is quite a small exhibition but extremely interesting, showing the team from Kindai University’s expedition diary to Sakha province in Russia to look for Mammoth remains in frozen permafrost. There findings are amazing and you can see first hand a foal who is 40,000 years old, still looking very horse like, as well as some other animals removed from the permafrost. And the remains of Wooly Mammoths, including skeletons, Mammoth hair (that you can touch!!!), teeth, part of the trunk and the head of a Mammoth.

There findings and what the future holds are quite unbelievable and I would really recommend this exhibition, we found it really interesting.

If you are going with young children, I recommend taking them to the 5th floor permanent exhibition room afterwards, which has a lot of hands on exhibits young children can enjoy, our 3 year old son had a really fun time playing in there, his reward for being a good boy while we got to look at the Mammoth Exhibition.

Access: The easiest way to get there is using the Nanakuma Line from Tenjin Minami Station get off at Roppommatsu Station and the Science Museum is closest to Exit 3.

If you come from Hakata Station take the Kuko Line subway to Tenjin and then walk around 10 minutes along the underground shopping arcade to Tenjin Minami Station to transfer to the Nanakuma line.


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