Kinoshita Circus (until March 8th)

Yesterday we went to see Kinoshita Circus, it was my first time ever going to a circus and we really had a lot of fun! Some of the performances were really amazing, and I think the price of the ticket is really reasonable for a 2 hour 10 minute show. My son is 3 years old and he really enjoyed it, his favourite performers were the clowns, especially one called “happy” who is part of the acrobatic troup and the magician! Lots of “wow” and “Mummy, look at that!”

I thought the lion tamer was amazing and also another act, something called “Wheel of Death”! You see a whole range of different acts over the course of the whole show and there is a lot of variety, so I think it really keeps young children entertained. Me and my husband really enjoyed it too, so great activity for the whole family. There are little shops selling snacks and souvenirs when you go inside the door, and there are good toilets and sinks with soup so you can wash your hands.

You are not allowed to take photos while the show is in session, only when the performers come out to bow at the end, hopefully my photos below give you a bit of an idea of what it was like.

My son was so inspired by the acrobats he started doing his own moves after the show!

Also outside the main circus area, when the performance is finished you can take a photo with their two elephants, it costs ¥800 and the money goes towards the Kinoshita Elephant Hospital in Thailand.

Below are photos from the Kinoshita Circus leaflet.

Here is the pricing and performance timetable. If you get tickets in advance they cost ¥2,900 for adults and ¥1,900 for children, if you buy tickets the day of the performance it’s ¥3,300 for adults and ¥2,300 for children. These seats are round the sides of the ring, the light blue colour on the seating chart. I think from anywhere you get a really good view. The price for children is from age 3 until Junior High School 3rd Grade. You can buy tickets from convenience stores or at the circus on the day of the performance.

If you’d like central seats or ringside seats you have to pay the original ticket price plus an extra fee, I’ll summarise this below:

Ringside A + ¥2,500 (peach colour on seating chart)

Ringside B + ¥2,000 (yellow)

Ringside C + ¥1,800 (green)

Royal Blue + ¥1,800 (dark blue)

Royal Yellow + ¥1,500 (orange)

We had Royal Blue seats and the view was really good. Also on the leaflet you can see the performance time schedule.

Monday/Tues/Wed/Sat – 11am & 1:40pm

Thursday closed

Friday – 1pm & 3:40pm

Sunday and National holidays – 10:10am, 1pm & 3:40pm.

Access: The Circus is really easy to get to it’s at Ohori Koen, in Fukuoka city. You can take the subway and exit 3 or 6 are the closest to the big top.


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