Tosu Premium Outlet Mallo

At the weekend we made a drive out to Tosu, in Saga Prefecture, to do a bit of shopping for my son at Tosu Premium Outlet Mall. My husband is a bit of a shopaholic and is quite keen on styling up our son at the mo, Tosu mall has lots of well known brands and everything has discount on it. It’s a good place to pick up brand name goods at lower prices and also items that are currently not in the shops as most of the stock are slightly older lines, personally I think with a bit more selection.

Shops with good selections for children are Mikihouse, Beams, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hillfiger and all the sports brands. While there we bought stuff for our son from T-shirt Design Graniph, Ralph Lauren and Beams. My husband also picked up a jacket for himself from Desigual and I got some Nike sweatpants. Everything very reasonable. We also got our son some Lego from the Lego shop!

Very hard to take a picture without my son photobombing!!

They also have a food court there and a couple of restaurants, and we enjoyed a crazy crepe!

Access: To get there from Fukuoka using the Highway and Motorway takes less than one hour. If you follow google to Tosu Premium Outlet it’s a pretty easy route with ample parking, it does get pretty busy on weekends.

Tosu Premium Outlet Mall website has all the travel details of how to get there by bus or train from Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Nagasaki in English! It’s a good website!

Address: 〒841-0005 Saga, Tosu, Yayoigaoka, 8−1

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