A space for creative writing for poems or prose I’ve written and stuff I like.

A poem I’ve written: Purple, pink & blue

I didn’t used to know your name, now each year I wait for your return.

Big balls of petals blue, purple & pink, how I love your blooms.

My birthday used to mean the sun, but is now at a time of rain. The time your flowers burst open and are at full glory once again.

You remind me one more year has passed, and I am one year grown. Instead of sad nostalgia, I stare in awe, your beauty makes me rapture.

Oh Ajisai, pale hydrangea, your bubbles of abundant joy will always make me smile. I find a bench to sit and rest, I’ll stay with you a while.

A poem on getting started: Get going

So many aspirations, so many ideas.

Where do I put them, how shall I keep them?

To get off the hypothetical, off the page and into the real, the tactile, the actual. To breathe life into them, that is what I want to do, now more than ever.

The question is always. . .

When should I start?

How should I start?

Should I start?